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Published on February 10, 2011 | Comments: 0
Best Buy Co., the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer, may curtail three decades of tactical discounting and move instead to its own version of the everyday prices pioneered by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., according to Bloomberg. In other recent moves to increase customer traffic, in December 2010 the company dropped fees it charges to take back merchandise and on Feb. 6, it officially kicked off a product buyback program.

Marketing & Advertising

  • CVS has launched its new store brand Just the Basics, an economy tier line.
  • Yesmail lists the five keys to getting consumers to open marketing emails as designing messages on an aligned grid system, using single-column design, grouping items into sections, using big scale on a narrow page, and using a viewport meta tag in the HTML header.

Stats & Research

  • Coupons on pharmaceutical product websites have been found to spur patients to take some kind of action, according to a new survey by Manhattan Research.
  • Self-reported daily U.S. consumer spending in stores, restaurants, gas stations, and online averaged $58 per day in January 2011, down from the January averages of $62 in 2010 and $64 in 2009, and far below the $97 average of January 2008.
  • Facebook represents the largest share of time spent by US internet users of the top five most-visited websites, according to a new white paper from comScore.
  • A Super Bowl ad featuring two guys describing a woman’s wild ride in a silver Chevrolet Camaro was the most watched commercial of all time, according to Nielsen data.


  • North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming will now have iPhone coverage as a result of Verizon Wireless offering an iPhone plan.
  • This summer HP plans to release the TouchPad, a tablet computer running on its proprietary webOS mobile platform.

Legal & Regulatory

  • French fries, calorie-laden snacks, and white bread sandwiches would be banished from a la carte lines, snack shops, and vending machines at all Massachusetts public schools under rules proposed by state health regulators, who have already banned sugary and diet sodas.
  • Consumers have a guarded outlook of the coming months as stress levels rise, employment remains flat and financial difficulties increase, according to the Consumer Reports Index for February 2010.
  • Allowing a name change of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to "corn sugar" would be misleading to consumers and possibly expose the FDA to future dilemma, depending on how scientific research and public perception may continue to evolve, according to nonprofit consumer advocacy group National Consumers League (NCL).

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