Amazon Gets Most Visitors in August - Update

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Online retailer Amazon and online auction retailer eBay received the most U.S. unique visitors of any retail sites in August 2010, according to [pdf] comScore MediaMetrix data. The websites of brick-and-mortar discount retailers Wal-Mart and Target were also among the 50 most-visited sites for the month. During August 2010, Amazon received about 79.2 million unique U.S. visitors, placing it 11th among all sites and making it the most-visited site whose primary function is retailing. About 37.6% of the roughly 212.6 million unique U.S. internet visitors recorded during August 2010 visited Amazon at least once. Total internet audience dropped about 0.5% from 213.6 million the previous month. eBay received about 69.5 million unique U.S. visitors, placing it 13th among all sites. About 32.7% of the unique U.S. internet audience visited eBay at least once during August 2010. eBay was the most-visited retail site in July 2010. Wal-Mart placed 24th overall with 36.7 million unique U.S. visitors, 17.2% of the total audience. Although Wal-Mart’s month-over-month unique audience fell by about 500,000, it gained 10 spots in the top 50 ranking due to the smaller total audience. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart’s chief rival Target, which was not included in the July 2010 site rankings, placed 37th overall with 27.8 million unique U.S. visitors. However, other sites which include retail functionality were among the most visited. For example, Yahoo received about 179 million unique visitors, ranking it first among all sites with 84.2% of the total unique audience. Google, which had been ranked first for many months through July 2010, received about 178.8 million unique visitors, ranking it first among all sites with 84.1% of the total unique audience visiting Google at least once in August 2010. Google slipped in the rankings despite gaining about 400,000 unique visitors and 0.6 percentage points in audience share from its July 2010 statistics. Microsoft and Facebook followed at numbers three and four, with Apple coming in 15th and coming in 18th.

Back-to-School Categories, Sites Get Visitors

Top Web Properties
comScore Media Metrix data also indicates Back-to-school season accelerated the growth of several online categories during the month, from Books and Apparel to Educational Resources and Consumer Goods. For example, more than 27.5 million people visited a Book site in August 2010, an 11% increase from July 2010, making it the highest growing site category for the month. Barnes & Noble captured the top spot with 8.3 million visitors (up 13%), followed by Borders Group, Inc. with 3 million visitors, BookSpan Property with 2.3 million visitors and AbeBooks with 1.6 million visitors (up 45%). Textbook rental site experienced significant growth during the month, surging 290% to 1.4 million visitors. In addition, the Consumer Goods category grew 5% to 26.2 million visitors in August 2010. Sites ranked first in the category with 8 million visitors during the month (up 16%), followed by Office Depot with 5.1 million (up 20%), QVC Sites with 4.3 million and OfficeMax with 2.9 million (up 32%). Apparel sites also ranked among the top-gaining categories, growing to 65.4 million visitors during the month (up 5%). Zappos Sites ranked number one in the category with 6.4 million visitors, followed by Limitedbrands with 6.3 million visitors and Nike with 5.1 million (up 9%). grew 15 percent to 4.9 million visitors, followed by with 3.7 million and Gap Online with 3.4 million (up 32%) Analysis from Compete also showed that back-to-school shopping had a major impact on August 2010 web traffic patterns. Traffic was up for a broad range of retail sites, but there were a few standouts. Department stores and other retailers selling back-to-school essentials saw increased traffic in August, and top movers included (+6.2%), (+22.8%), (+24.8%), (+23.8%) and (+13%). In addition, online shoe retailer had a 30.3% traffic spike in August and apparel retail site saw monthly traffic rise 19.6%.

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