Back-to-School Shoppers Go Online

Published on August 24, 2010 | Comments: 0
One-third of back-to-school shoppers are conducting at least half of their back-to-school shopping online this year, according to the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study.

Back-to-School Shoppers Buy Most Electronics Online

Back-to-School Shopping
On average, back-to-school shoppers will conduct 70% of their electronics shopping online this year. Electronics are by far the most popular type of back-to-school product for online purchase in 2010. Shoppers plan to buy only about 40% of dorm room accessories, the next most popular item for online purchase, via internet. Other relatively popular items for online purchase include kitchen and bed and bath (both slightly more than 30%, with kitchen leading). School supplies are the least popular item for online purchase, with the average shopper buying only 15% of this year's school supplies online.

School Supplies Most Popular Item

While back-to-school shoppers will only purchase 15% of their school supplies online, school supplies are the most popular item for overall purchase, with close to 90% of shoppers planning to buy some. Almost 80% plan to buy clothing, and about 60% plan to buy shoes. Interestingly, the items with the highest rate of online purchase have the lowest rate of overall purchase. About 20% of back-to-school shoppers will buy electronics, followed by bed/bath (more than 10%), dorm room accessories (about 10%), and kitchen (slightly less than 10%).

Most Shoppers Will Spend the Same or More than '09

In good news for retail, a combined 78% of shoppers plan to spend more (24%) or the same (54%) on back-to-school items this year as last year. Only 23% plan to spend less (total equals more than 100% due to rounding).

Amex Predicts Solid Back-to-School Spending

The average American family will spend $550 on back-to-school items this year, according to the August 2010 American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. A majority (80%) of consumers with children in preschool through high school expect to spend more (39%) or the same (41%) per child on back to school shopping this year compared to last year.

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