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Promotional Email, sneeqpeeq Social App, Safeway Personalized Pricing

Published on May 23, 2011

The top online retailers sent each of their subscribers 3.2 promotional emails on average during the week ending May 20, 2011, according to the Retail Email Blog.

That’s up 7% week-over-week, down 4% from where it was four weeks ago, and up 22% year-over-year.

E-commerce & Multichannel Retailing

sneeqpeeq, a social shopping company that brings the in-store shopping experience...
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Zediva Film Streaming, AE Closes Stores, Wal-Mart Easter Promo

Published on March 18, 2011
A new movie streaming service called Zediva allows users to view and control DVDs running at a remote location, according to the New York Times.Viewers can rent films for two weeks for $2 each, with no signup fee or hardware installation needed. Store Openings & Closings American Eagle Outfitters will close between 65 and 100 stores in the U.S. in 2012 and 2013, shifting its focus to...
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Online Retail Spending, Staples Peak Management, Borders May Delist

Published on February 07, 2011
US online retail spending reached a record $43.4 billion during Q4 2010, up 11% compared to a year ago, according to new data from comScore. This growth rate represented the fifth consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth and second quarter of double-digit growth rates in the past year. E-commerce & Multichannel Retailing Staples says the Cognizant Intellipeak e-commerce...
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‘Daily Wrap:’ OfficeMax, Netflix, Barnes & Noble

Published on January 07, 2011
OfficeMax has launched a new enhanced 2.0 version of its free for the iPhone App on the App Store and is making the App available on Google's Android platform. The 2.0 version gives users the ability to view OfficeMax's weekly ad and special offers and adds local store hours and phone numbers to the app's GPS-enabled store locator function. M-commerce A number of the world's leading...
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Wealthy, Women, Educated Love Online Coupons

Published on October 27, 2010
Women, those earning more than $100,000 a year, and college graduates are among the most likely consumers to say they love online coupons, according to a new survey from and Parenting Gap Exists Women are 67% more likely than men to be online coupon lovers. Conversely, men are 27% more likely to be online coupon abstainers. There is also a parenting gap, as parents are...
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‘The Daily Wrap:’ B&N, Gap, Starbucks

Published on August 02, 2010
B&N Plans In-store Nook Promo In September 2010, Barnes & Noble will begin an aggressive promotion of its Nook e-readers by building 1,000-square-foot boutiques in all of its stores, with sample Nooks, demonstration tables, video screens and employees who will give customers advice and operating instructions. Barnes & Noble sees the opportunity to promote the device in stores as a...
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Women Dominate Online Coupon Sites

Published on August 02, 2010
Data on visitors to online coupon sites shows that women clearly dominate their usage, according to comScore.Overall Online Coupon Usage Higher among Women
Online Coupons
A variety of statistics from "Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet" shows that women search for and use online coupons more frequently than men. Forty-two percent of women, compared to 34% of men, listed...
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Women Drive Online Retailing

Published on July 29, 2010
Women spend more time visiting online retail sites than men and make a greater contribution to e-commerce in terms of buyers, transactions and dollars, according to comScore.Women Visit at Similar Rate, Spend More Time Women and men visit online retail sites at a similar rate to men. In the 15-to-24 age bracket, both 60% of men and women visit online retail sites. Both women and men...
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‘The Daily Wrap:’ McDonald’s, Applebee’s, GGP

Published on July 26, 2010
McDonald's Global Sales Drive Q2 Earnings Fast food retailer McDonald's Corporation reported a 15% increase in Q2 fiscal 2010 earnings, driven by 4.8% global comparable sales growth. McDonald's also increased consolidated operating income 10%. Source: McDonald's Corporation Applebee's Franchises 63 Restaurants DineEquity, parent company of casual dining chain Applebee's, will sell 63...
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Innovation Present in 6 Key Retail Marketing Areas

Published on July 08, 2010
Numerous examples of innovation are present in six key consumer-facing areas of retail marketing, according to consumer insights firm is a review of one key marketing innovation trend in each area. The six areas are derived from a broader list of 15 key consumer-facing areas of marketing, retail and otherwise, recently compiled by Status...
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